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Rotary Gear Pumps

C. Bole & Co. offers wide range of Positive displacement Rotary Gear Pumps for handling oil and other semi viscous liquids.

Pumps will find applications for furnace oils. Fuel Oils, molasses, paints and pigments, castor oils, gasoline, inks, Gums, sizing liquids, molten liquids, glue, polymers, cooking oils, glucose, sizing starch, colour feeding, tar, bitumen, thermic fluid, cryogenic liquid transfer, soap stocks / solutions, Acid Slurries, caustic lye, turpentine, varnish and other industrial applications. Pumps can be also used in applications like pressure feeding of fuel in Burners, Circulation of lube oils in gearboxes, turbines, fluid couplings, compressors, diesel engines etc.

Pumps can be supplied in Stainless Steel 316, Gun Metal, Bronze construction with Heating/ Cooling Jackets. Pump can be supplied with special mechanical seal which prevents leakage near shaft end.

Pump body made of 2 piece type i.e. only one joint in the body which reduces maintenance cost. It has easily replaceable bushes with positive lubrication arrangements. It has proved more efficient due to suction and delivery in the line with Rotors. For handling all kinds of oil and non corrosive viscous liquids, pumps are supplied in CIMS construction. For viscous corrosive liquids and chemicals, pumps can be supplied in Stainless Steel, Gun Metal or Bronze construction. With helical gears for smooth as well as efficient running and built-in relief valve for dependable and trouble free pumping of viscous liquids.

Rotary Gear Pump

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