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Monex Centrifugal Industrial Fans & Exhausters

MONEX Centrifugal Fans are designed for large volume of Air at relatively low pressure. USED FOR Supply & Exhaust- Fume & Vapour exhaust-Industrial process-Drying & Cooling Circulation-Ventilation-Drying process-Dust removing & collecting-Conveying-Extraction-Force draughts Etc.

CONSTRUCTION : MONEX Fans are constructed from fabricated steel plates reinforced with Stiffners where necessary making the fans robust and efficient. Wide outlet area gives large volumes of air at relatively low pressure. Flanges drilled to outlets and Spigot inlets are provided.

DRIVE : Motorised Fans/Exhausters are directly coupled with suitable Motors on sturdy base. BELT driven Fans are provided with steel shaft running on a pair of heavy duty Ball bearings and extended shaft provided for coupling with Vee or Flat pully.

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African Countries, Gulf Countries, UAE, Oman, Dubai, The Middle East
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