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Centrifugal Blowers, Centrifugal Pumps, Industrial Fans, Exhausters, Turbine Blowers, Boiler Feed Pumps, Rotary Air Compressors, Twin Lobe Compressors, Mumbai, India

Monex Centrifugal Blowers

USED FOR Blowing - Heating - Cleaning - Drying - Equipments - Cupolas - Furnaces - Ventilating - Conveying - Dust extracting etc.

USED BY Refineries - Paper & Textile Mills - Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries - Projects Industrial Establishments etc.

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 Chemical Process Pumps
C. Bole & Co. offers Chemical Process Pumps for wide range of applications in chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Oil Refineries, Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, Dairy, Pesticides, Pharmaceutical Industries & Steel Plants
The type of pumps available are Centrifugal, self-priming,
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Rotary Gear Pumps

C. Bole & Co. offers wide range of Positive displacement Rotary Gear Pumps for handling oil and other semi viscous liquids.

Pumps will find applications for furnace oils.  Fuel Oils, molasses, paints and pigments, castor oils, gasoline, inks, Gums,  sizing liquids,

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Turbine Blowers

C. Bole & Co. offers Hi-Speed Regenerative Turbine Blowers for handling air, other non-explosive gases and gas-air mixture completely oil free at low volume flow and medium pressure range.
It has a Unique working principle that it is fitted with the rotor, as the rotor rotates,
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C. Bole & Co. offers wide range of Seal-less  Magnetic Drive Monoblock,  Chemical Process Pumps which ensures 100% leak proof operation. They are ideal for transfer of corrosive chemicals,  acids, dyes, solvents, toxic and fuming liquids, petrol, kerosene, water etc.


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